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Friday Night: Yoga Dance and Prosecco Punch

Friday night at the Farber-Lai Household looks a little like this: Kate is tucked away in her room going over chemistry flashcards with her best friend–he’s in his last year of medical school; she’s just embarked on her premed adventure. … Continue reading

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Post-Sandy Yoga: Channeling Love and Gratitude

At the beginning of yoga class last night, one of my teacher said, “In the aftermath of Sandy-Frankenstein I am thankful that those closest to me and I have not been too negatively impacted.” That statement kind of struck me … Continue reading

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The First Hour of The Day

Recently, I read this article that states the first few hours, when your brain is well rested, are the most productive.  The main iteration of the article is that instead of checking e-mail, you should be goal-setting and doing things … Continue reading

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The perfect way to start summer…..

From the official site. Dearest blog readers, I hope you are all having a lovely first day of summer.  Here’s how my day kicked off: 6:00 AM: I wake, roll out of bed, and head out, knowing I get to … Continue reading

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Partner Poses in the Park

Check out my Joyce’s photo essay on partner poses on her blog Yogidance here. I loved doing them–especially partnering up on reverse warrior.

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My headstand “aha” moment

No, no, I didn’t actually get into the pose, but I finally felt the correct weight distribution on my forearms and head.  The thing that I wasn’t getting before is that the highest point of my head should be on … Continue reading

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Building Santosha (aka Contentment)

I stopped on the island of a busy intersection today–even though I could have rushed over to the other side, and jaywalked two times while waiting for the light to change.  But I wanted to wait.  I wanted to breathe, … Continue reading

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Practicing Inversions in the Park

I was taking a walk around the park, when I thought, “I wish I could do a cartwheel.”  “So do a cartwheel,” I told myself.  “But it’s all muddy on the grass,” I countered.  Disregarding the excuses, I headed to … Continue reading

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Taking flight

I hung in air in crow’s pose for about 3 seconds.  More explanation later.  I’m out of breadth.  It’s all about breathing!!!  Hahahahaha.  Don’t grimace.  Don’t stress.  Just breathe, and take flight!  bom dia, y’all.  Back to the mat!  /c

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Chanting in the morning

I’ve decided that my favorite thing to do in the morning–besides eating breakfast–is chanting.  Joyce, who is going through her Yoga Teacher Training, walked into the kitchen this morning chanting, “Om Shiva Om Shiva Om Shiva Oooommmmm.”  I joined in, … Continue reading

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