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Around The Block: Hurricane Sandy

As of 11 am, we still have electricity and Internet capability here in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, so I thought I’d blog. I just came back from a walk around the block to see which business were open, and which were closed. … Continue reading

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Lunch Time in Times Square

I intern at a company whose office are in Times Square. At first, I didn’t really like it. Want to take a break outside? Get ready to go down 11 floors, and deal with wall-to-wall moving advertisements and floods of … Continue reading

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It’s That Time of Year Again: Freshly Baked Moon Cakes in Chinatown

Today, I bought a box of freshly baked mooncakes from Chinatown’s Kong Wah Bakery (210 Grand Street, New York, NY 10013).  I chose just one lotus-seed paste cake, at first.  But, I found myself buying a box of four–two lotus … Continue reading

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Audio Stories!

One of my long term goals as a budding journalist is to do radio stories.  For a while now, I’ve been playing around with the idea of doing a series on Chinese food with my best friend Jessica.  I have … Continue reading

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Sipping Summer: Honeyed Ginger Lemonade

In New York City, we’re just about going through our second heat wave of the summer.  Humid, and over 90 degrees.  Outside.  Now stuff that into a top floor apartment in Brooklyn, and you start to get a feel of … Continue reading

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Lychee Debate!!

“You’re buying lychee??!” Jessica asked me incredulously in Hong Kong Supermarket.  The longest standing disagreement I have with my best friend is over lychee.  I still remember clearly the day she told me on the subway in NINTH grade that … Continue reading

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The perfect way to start summer…..

From the official site. Dearest blog readers, I hope you are all having a lovely first day of summer.  Here’s how my day kicked off: 6:00 AM: I wake, roll out of bed, and head out, knowing I get to … Continue reading

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Not dead in a ditch!

Dearest Blog Reader, Once, after a really tough day at work as a teacher, I decided to walk home in the rain.  This was in my pre-driver’s license, pre-owning-a-car days, and I had been unable to find a ride home.  … Continue reading

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Foggy day in NY

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Came across this busker today…

I absolutely love musicians and bands who use unusual instruments in pop music.  My favorite band in college had TWO oboists.  I was absolutely delighted when I came across Gabriel Royal today on the subway platform.  He plays cello, has … Continue reading

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