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A Quick Soup Usually Reserved For Camping

The closest thing I have as reference for cooking on the fly with shortcuts is my dad cooking at a camp site, or in hotel rooms for road trips. Otherwise, at home when my siblings and I came home from … Continue reading

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My Trip to the DMV and Other Stops On My Way to Recovery

When I visited the DMV last month in California, I decided to take a walk around while waiting.  I estimated that it would take about an hour of waiting for my alpha-numerical code to come up, then set off.  Being … Continue reading

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It’s That Time of Year Again: Freshly Baked Moon Cakes in Chinatown

Today, I bought a box of freshly baked mooncakes from Chinatown’s Kong Wah Bakery (210 Grand Street, New York, NY 10013).  I chose just one lotus-seed paste cake, at first.  But, I found myself buying a box of four–two lotus … Continue reading

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Congee with Pig’s Head

A few weeks back, my sister and I attended our cousin’s 21st birthday party. I was a bit reluctant to get my lazy ass out of Brooklyn and into Long Island, but my sister assured me of the caliber of … Continue reading

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Sipping Summer: Honeyed Ginger Lemonade

In New York City, we’re just about going through our second heat wave of the summer.  Humid, and over 90 degrees.  Outside.  Now stuff that into a top floor apartment in Brooklyn, and you start to get a feel of … Continue reading

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Lychee Debate!!

“You’re buying lychee??!” Jessica asked me incredulously in Hong Kong Supermarket.  The longest standing disagreement I have with my best friend is over lychee.  I still remember clearly the day she told me on the subway in NINTH grade that … Continue reading

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Healthy Appetites

Reading Caroline Knapp’s Appetites: Why Women Want reminded me of a conversation I had with a fellow teacher in Teach for America.  Entering her classroom during our lunch break, I asked, “Have you eaten yet?” which is a standard Chinese … Continue reading

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Steak and Eggs

Not only do I wake up thinking about breakfast, I fall asleep thinking about it too.  The problem is, sometimes, I forget my ideas when I wake up.  Last night, I thought, “huh, steak and eggs always struck me as … Continue reading

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N’awlins summer!

Screw the heat!  I’m about 67% sure (2/3s sure) that I want to go to New Orleans in June to visit three of my very best friends before they leave the Big Easy.  Louis Armstrong performing “When the Saints Go … Continue reading

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Back to Basics

Sometimes for me the only way to get out of bed to think of breakfast.  My phone’s camera is kind of terrible, but what you’re looking at is savory french toast made with a baguette, eggs, sage, milk, honey, and … Continue reading

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