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New Moon Kirtan Tomorrow!

In this house, we love our kirtan, call-and response chanting in Sanskrit. (See latest chalkboard art, here, and here for reference.) Sitting on the floor after dinner with a glass of wine is very likely to result in Joyce leading … Continue reading

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Kirtan: Chanting yogic mantras with percussive instruments.

Last night, Joyce, my friend Aminah and I all met up at the Integral Yoga Studio in the West Village to participate in Kirtan, which is call and response chanting in Sanskrit.  This session was being held in honor of … Continue reading

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Chanting in the morning

I’ve decided that my favorite thing to do in the morning–besides eating breakfast–is chanting.  Joyce, who is going through her Yoga Teacher Training, walked into the kitchen this morning chanting, “Om Shiva Om Shiva Om Shiva Oooommmmm.”  I joined in, … Continue reading

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