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My Trip to the DMV and Other Stops On My Way to Recovery

When I visited the DMV last month in California, I decided to take a walk around while waiting.  I estimated that it would take about an hour of waiting for my alpha-numerical code to come up, then set off.  Being … Continue reading

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Hello World…Again! + crazy Linkedin article

Dear readers, So I kind of got knocked off the horse that is blogging. (Think Gone with the Wind when Scarlett and Rhet’s child does not clear the fence.) But this morning, I needed to pull an article from this … Continue reading

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Not dead in a ditch!

Dearest Blog Reader, Once, after a really tough day at work as a teacher, I decided to walk home in the rain.  This was in my pre-driver’s license, pre-owning-a-car days, and I had been unable to find a ride home.  … Continue reading

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Closing the wormhole

I just spent the last hour figuring out how to convert blog posts into pdf files. It was like the time in Stargate SG-1 when Teal’c and O’Neil, pictured above, got stuck in a time loop because the wormhole wouldn’t … Continue reading

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