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Friday Night: Yoga Dance and Prosecco Punch

Friday night at the Farber-Lai Household looks a little like this: Kate is tucked away in her room going over chemistry flashcards with her best friend–he’s in his last year of medical school; she’s just embarked on her premed adventure. … Continue reading

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Post-Sandy Yoga: Channeling Love and Gratitude

At the beginning of yoga class last night, one of my teacher said, “In the aftermath of Sandy-Frankenstein I am thankful that those closest to me and I have not been too negatively impacted.” That statement kind of struck me … Continue reading

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New Moon Kirtan Tomorrow!

In this house, we love our kirtan, call-and response chanting in Sanskrit. (See latest chalkboard art, here, and here for reference.) Sitting on the floor after dinner with a glass of wine is very likely to result in Joyce leading … Continue reading

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Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival With Some Chalkboard Art and Moon-Gazing

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you got to do some moon-gazing for the Mid-Autumn Festival last night.  It was a bit cloudy in New York, but I could still make out the moon. So the festival was last night, but … Continue reading

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The First Hour of The Day

Recently, I read this article that states the first few hours, when your brain is well rested, are the most productive.  The main iteration of the article is that instead of checking e-mail, you should be goal-setting and doing things … Continue reading

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My guest post at Yogi Dance

Check out my guest post, “I am not a chair” over at Joyce’s blog YogiDance.

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Lunchtime Yoga in the Shade

It’s been a hot couple of days here in New York, so it was great to find a shady spot to practice yoga during lunch.  Namaste y’all, and keep hydrated.

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Partner Poses in the Park

Check out my Joyce’s photo essay on partner poses on her blog Yogidance here. I loved doing them–especially partnering up on reverse warrior.

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My headstand “aha” moment

No, no, I didn’t actually get into the pose, but I finally felt the correct weight distribution on my forearms and head.  The thing that I wasn’t getting before is that the highest point of my head should be on … Continue reading

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Building Santosha (aka Contentment)

I stopped on the island of a busy intersection today–even though I could have rushed over to the other side, and jaywalked two times while waiting for the light to change.  But I wanted to wait.  I wanted to breathe, … Continue reading

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