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Friday Night: Yoga Dance and Prosecco Punch

Friday night at the Farber-Lai Household looks a little like this: Kate is tucked away in her room going over chemistry flashcards with her best friend–he’s in his last year of medical school; she’s just embarked on her premed adventure. … Continue reading

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New Moon Kirtan Tomorrow!

In this house, we love our kirtan, call-and response chanting in Sanskrit. (See latest chalkboard art, here, and here for reference.) Sitting on the floor after dinner with a glass of wine is very likely to result in Joyce leading … Continue reading

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‘That’s The Feeling State of Then’: Listening to Faye Wong’s cover of “Rilkean Heart”

Yesterday, I wrote a post about my sister’s obsession with Chinese songstress Faye Wong. As I wrote in the post there, one of the things that keeps my sister going is looking up rare videos of Faye on YouTube.  Yesterday, … Continue reading

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Have You Ever Yearned? My Sister’s 13-Year Obsession With Faye Wong

When my sister Joyce was 13, she heard Chinese popstar Faye Wong singing “Easily Hurt Woman” on a CD compilation of Chinese pop music.  “Cheesy, but interesting,” she thought.    The year was 1999.  Faye had just released Only Love … Continue reading

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The First Hour of The Day

Recently, I read this article that states the first few hours, when your brain is well rested, are the most productive.  The main iteration of the article is that instead of checking e-mail, you should be goal-setting and doing things … Continue reading

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This song makes me happy!

From Nortec Collective, “Tijuana Makes Me Happy” makes me very happy.  I’ve been listening to this song incessantly for about 20 minutes now.  Nortec  refers to the combination of electronica with norteno style of music from Mexico.  Think accordians and … Continue reading

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Came across this busker today…

I absolutely love musicians and bands who use unusual instruments in pop music.  My favorite band in college had TWO oboists.  I was absolutely delighted when I came across Gabriel Royal today on the subway platform.  He plays cello, has … Continue reading

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Spotify in the morning!

I’ve downloaded Spotify, which is supposedly great for finding new music that you like, but at the moment, I’m using it to listen to one of my favorite artists: Carla Morrison.  I’m listening to her album “Mientras tu dormias,” or … Continue reading

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Novo álbum de Marisa Monte, “O Que Você Quer Saber de Verdade”

En serio, voy a aprender la portuguesa por la contante brasilena Marisa Monte.  Esta manana, compré su nuevo disco,  “O Que Você Quer Saber de Verdade” (“¿Qué desea saber de la verdad”).  Como siempre, su voz es sublime.  La instrumentación y … Continue reading

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Sunday in New Jersey

I like to spend most of my Sundays in New York in a pretty lazy fashion–eating left-overs, napping, reading and watching Stargate S.G. 1. If I see friends, it is because they are within walking distance. But last Sunday, I found … Continue reading

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