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Eat my pear and dinner too

After my sister and I saw the Japanese movie I Wish, which is about two brothers separated by divorce, we said to one another, “I wonder if Joseph ever wonders what it would be like to have a brother. We have one of … Continue reading

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A Quick Soup Usually Reserved For Camping

The closest thing I have as reference for cooking on the fly with shortcuts is my dad cooking at a camp site, or in hotel rooms for road trips. Otherwise, at home when my siblings and I came home from … Continue reading

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Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival With Some Chalkboard Art and Moon-Gazing

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you got to do some moon-gazing for the Mid-Autumn Festival last night.  It was a bit cloudy in New York, but I could still make out the moon. So the festival was last night, but … Continue reading

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My Trip to the DMV and Other Stops On My Way to Recovery

When I visited the DMV last month in California, I decided to take a walk around while waiting.  I estimated that it would take about an hour of waiting for my alpha-numerical code to come up, then set off.  Being … Continue reading

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It’s That Time of Year Again: Freshly Baked Moon Cakes in Chinatown

Today, I bought a box of freshly baked mooncakes from Chinatown’s Kong Wah Bakery (210 Grand Street, New York, NY 10013).  I chose just one lotus-seed paste cake, at first.  But, I found myself buying a box of four–two lotus … Continue reading

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Congee with Pig’s Head

A few weeks back, my sister and I attended our cousin’s 21st birthday party. I was a bit reluctant to get my lazy ass out of Brooklyn and into Long Island, but my sister assured me of the caliber of … Continue reading

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Sipping Summer: Honeyed Ginger Lemonade

In New York City, we’re just about going through our second heat wave of the summer.  Humid, and over 90 degrees.  Outside.  Now stuff that into a top floor apartment in Brooklyn, and you start to get a feel of … Continue reading

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Lychee Debate!!

“You’re buying lychee??!” Jessica asked me incredulously in Hong Kong Supermarket.  The longest standing disagreement I have with my best friend is over lychee.  I still remember clearly the day she told me on the subway in NINTH grade that … Continue reading

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Definite perk to working in an office: TAMALES GRATUITOS!

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Healthy Appetites

Reading Caroline Knapp’s Appetites: Why Women Want reminded me of a conversation I had with a fellow teacher in Teach for America.  Entering her classroom during our lunch break, I asked, “Have you eaten yet?” which is a standard Chinese … Continue reading

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