Ideas for podcast forming now!

I’m putting this idea for a podcast out there, because I want to hold myself accountable.  It’s just starting to take form, but will include both public affairs, and features.  My goal is for the first episode to be out no later than the beginning of May 2012.

GOSH, serious much?  I just had the joy of reading a friend’s blog on cooking, and I loved her carefree tone in it.  She really doesn’t care if you are offended that she thinks generic American food is probably fed to Vietnamese prisoners.  Yes, there are a lot of historical/political implications in that statement.  Yes, she really is that blunt in real life, too.  Again, that’s one of the perks of knowing her.

Getting back to the point, I sounded so serious in announcing my intentions for a podcast above.  “If you take yoga” or your blog “too seriously, you probably take life too seriously,” says one of my teachers at the studio.  This blog was born in the spirit of lightness–“it’s a blog, Christine, not a book,” said Holly R. and I want to keep it that way.

So, take two.  I am launching a podcast, because I think my friends, and acquaintances offer a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and experiences.  I want to tap into all of that for their perspectives on issues currently going on in the world.  Think, BBC’s Have Your Say. 

Think also CBS’s News Sunday Morning for its features.  Having a podcast gives me an excuse to do things I’ve been wanting to do–like explore different neighborhoods with friends, buy groceries from different markets, and go to music events, and take dance classes.

So there you have it, what do you think?


5 Responses to Ideas for podcast forming now!

  1. Holly says:

    The beginning of May is approaching! Progress report?

    • claisly says:

      Um. My scheduled meeting with the prospective co-host fell through on Tuesday. We’re going to reschedule though, and get this going. Also, I’m going to get my mom to send me my voice recorder. Quality may not be great, but it’ll be a start!

    • claisly says:

      Lovely Holly, thanks for posting, reading, and commenting!

  2. Desirae says:

    CHRISTINE. This is a thing you need to do. THIS IS A -GREAT- idea. You are SO podcast-ready. I miss the chats we had on Cedar St. while we were cooking!

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