Introducing Writer Joseph Lai

Joseph, slouching (yes, I am his older sister) somewhere very picturesque in Europe

I write a lot about my older sister Joyce, but I also have a younger brother Joseph. He is one of the wisest and calmest people I know. When he has a conflict with others, he asks himself, “Is it my problem? Is it something I need to work out? Or is it the way the other person feels and they just need to work through it?” I’m not so good with boundaries, so I find myself calling Joseph when a social situation is causing me a lot of anxiety and ask him, “What do you think? Is it my problem?”

At the moment, Joseph is in Italy, studying abroad. I can’t call him on the phone, so I’ve invited him to write for my blog.  In particular, I’m interested in his thinking on stress and anxiety.

I hope you enjoy his posts. Honestly, this kid wakes up 2 hours before classes just to think. He is currently reading Emerson on his own, and would read any book you recommended.

More concretely, Joseph is currently a third year business major at the University of Oregon. He is studying and living in Palerno del Grappa for the fall.


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