A work in progress

When I began this blog but two weeks ago, I had in mind to catalog all the fears that I was facing day in and day out. But you know what? My anxiety grows less and less. And the story of my depression, well I’ve told that story on this blog, and now I want to live and tell other stories–most importantly, my recovery. Although it might not be so apparent, the daily posts on music, food, and BASKETBALL, are all a part of my recovery. When I was in total denial about my depression, I wasn’t able to tell any of my therapists what any of my hobbies or interests were. “Who has time to have hobbies?” I thought.

But it’s a beautiful thing to take comfort in friends and family, basketball, food, music, and New York. And as I continue my recovery, I take on more and more challenges, and commitments. I want to write. I want to practice yoga. I want to see people. I can even envision myself traveling and living somewhere completely different again–Asia? Latin America? Alaska? “Just be wiser about how you choose next time,” says my friend Nhi.

Am I ready to hop on a plane tomorrow? Nope. Am I ready to start a 9-5 job tomorrow? Probably not. But I will be one day. I”ll let you all know the exact moment. This blog is a way for me to be mindful, to respect my recovery, and to fulfill my wishes to write and be creative.

As always, thanks for reading. Remember, you are always welcome to comment!


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