About this blog

“Have you ever yearned, Stine?” my younger brother once asked me over the telephone.  “I have and it sucks.  My heart aches,” he continued earnestly.  I was away at college, and he was yearning not over a girl, or a car–typical teenage boy things, right?–but over a radio show I had introduced him to.  WNYC’s Radiolab was taking too long (in his mind) to produce a new show, and he was in obvious pain.

At the time, I don’t think I had ever really yearned for anything that badly.  Sure, I had wanted things to happen, had been crushed by things, but yearn?  No, I had never yearned.

A year and a half ago, I fell into a deep depression.  Now that I am giving myself the space and time to heal, I yearn for my well-being.  I yearn for a life, in which I am independent, reasonably content, and not afraid to take on challenges and risks.

I am not there yet.  I am not even close.  But that’s okay.  Depression and anxiety disorder are treatable; people recover fully.  I have a therapist, and a psychiatrist who help me make sense of, and cope with my current state.  Just as important, I have amazing parents, siblings, friends, teachers who offer not only their support, but their wisdom.

“Stine yearns” is about facing fears–big, and small, rational and irrational–that come up in daily life.  It’s also about the little delightful bits of life that keep me waking up every morning, and heading back out to face new fears.

Thanks for reading.


3 Responses to About this blog

  1. Holly says:

    I’m going to TRY not to be too annoying and comment on everything, but I’m excited for you and I enjoy your writing. It makes me miss you, because you write much like you talk.
    And I find myself feeling very similar to the way you are describing this. I know I’ve been dealing with depression and anxiety a lot lately, only I’m not seeking any treatment atm. I YEARN for my well-being, too. I have been thinking a lot about the steps I need to take to get myself to a better place.

    • claisly says:

      NEVER think that you are annoying me by contacting me EVER. Nhi said something very wise to me last week when I told her that I often called you when I was living in Louisiana and couldn’t go to sleep. I told her that I knew you were in the Pacific Standard Time zone whereas so many of our friends were/are on the east coast. She said, “Christine, even if you had called me at 2 am your time, 3 am my time, I would have picked up. I would have listened. I would have been there for you.” Same goes for you. If my phone is on, I will pick up. If you leave a message on my blog, I will respond. No questions asked.

      I find so much motivation and wisdom from all of you. HONESTLY. I know, I know, I am so sincere. ‘The treacle. The cavities!’ as Holly N. would say. But that’s what happens when you catch me between 7-11 am, on a beautiful sunny day, listening to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. I love people who can do irony and sarcasm, but I will always be the Jerry Seinfeld, straightman, off of whom jokes get played.

      • claisly says:

        I mean, I AM a middle child. Why do you think I hang out with all of you eldest siblings??

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