About Me

If you can muster it, read the following in the voice of James Early Jones.

Christine is a young twenty-something woman, who can pass as 55 to 10-year olds.  She is Stine to her siblings.  Chris to a ‘facebook friend’ she has known since the 3rd grade.  And Chrissy to one former senior-citizen neighbor (may he rest in peace).  She actually hates Chris and Chrissy.  Curiously enough, she doesn’t mind going by Cristina when living or traveling in the Hispanosphere.  As she ages, she doesn’t mind disclosing that her middle-name is Estelle.  As a youngster, her older sister, whose middle-name shall be disclosed at a later date, pathologized the name Estelle–“it’s like YOU’RE AN OLD LADY, it’s like GERTRUDE or NORMA.”

Chris, Chrissy, Cristina tells stories through writing, photos, audio, and stick-figure drawings.  You’ll be seeing a bit of all of those forms on this blog.  She currently lives and practices yoga with her sister, Joyce PAULINE, in Brooklyn, NY.


7 Responses to About Me

  1. Holly says:

    I TRIED to read it (in my head) with James Earl Jones’ voice, but once I got to “it’s like YOU’RE AN OLD LADY” I immediately switched to you, doing your Joyce voice.
    Can I start calling you Cristina?

  2. claisly says:

    Yeah, sure. But only if I can start calling you ‘guapa’ like I do Emma J. ‘Guapa, guapa!’ I’m going to dig up that video of those piegeons in Paris and post it.

  3. claisly says:

    By the way, I am going to record myself saying this in the voice of James Earl Jones. So get ready!

  4. Joyce says:

    Dear the Ombudsman of this blog:

    My middle name is NOT Pauline. It is not on my birth certificate, and I think the parents just said it was when I was little and sad that I didn’t have a middle name. Please correct this factual error. OR FACE MY WRATH.


    Joyce (No Middle Name) Lai.

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