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I am the ultimate morning person. The only way I could be more in love with mornings is if I were actually a senior citizen and not just someone who got up at 6 am, drank hot water, and ate oatmeal for breakfast.

To non-morning people, I am unbearably awake and perky in the morning. When I shared a room with my sister, I’d try to talk to her, but she’d shush me and say moodily, “Tone it down, it’s too early.”

Now that I have my own room, by 7 am, I am bopping my head to electropop. Before listening to music and blogging, I am up by 6 am meditating, then writing my stream-of-consciousness thoughts over at

The website is designed to be an online version of a writing exercise called Morning Pages. The original exercise called for writing three pages of stream-of-consciousness writing. The website translates three pages into 750 words, and tracks your word count. Once you’ve written at least 750 words, you are awarded a point.

Keep on writing and you earn badges, the theme of which is birds. On your first day you get an egg badge, then if you write for 3 days straight, you get a turkey badge, 5 days straight a penguin, and on your 10th day, you are finally awarded the gift of flight in the form of a flamingo badge.

I just got my flamingo badge, but I should also have a Rooster badge by now since I write all my posts between 6 and 9 am. Unfortunately, I just discovered now how to correct my time zone. No matter, I will write to you all proudly when I do earn one.

Describing the badges to my best friend Jessica, she pauses, then says, “I’m having a flashback to you in high school talking about Harvest Moon.”

Ah yes, Harvest Moon, the classic video game in which you are a farmer. I often did wax on about the conveniences of a leveled up sickle and a larger hen house.

Screenshot from Harvest Moon

This player is going to have to make sure his chickens don’t get eaten alive outside.

But back to, the idea of the exercise is to clear your head and get your thoughts flowing for the rest of the day.

As evidenced by this first blog post in a long time, the method may have something to it.

Do you write over at or some other online writing tool?

As always, thanks for reading and have a beautiful day!


P.S. As always, do leave me comments and questions if you have any. This means you, Dad. ❤

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4 Responses to First Hour of the Day: Morning Pages at

  1. Ricky Lai says:

    Sorry getting back to you this late. I am all for the 750 words and start to do that tomorrow when I have time. The house painting is almost done. Very busy these couple days! Love Dad


    • Ricky Lai says:

      Hi Christine, what do I need to do to start the daily 750 words? Do I just use the reply for the daily 750 words? Dad

  2. Jessica says:

    I have a turkey badge now! I almost missed today’s (at this hour, yesterday’s) writing because it was already 11:30 pm.

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