Friday Night: Yoga Dance and Prosecco Punch

Peep Show Episode: Dance Class

Mark gets sucked into a hippie dance class with Sophie, and is decidedly, not happy.

Friday night at the Farber-Lai Household looks a little like this: Kate is tucked away in her room going over chemistry flashcards with her best friend–he’s in his last year of medical school; she’s just embarked on her premed adventure. Joyce and I interrupt them only to give them glasses of punch made with prosecco, pomegranate juice, and lemon and orange slices. In the kitchen, we have a yoga mat rolled out. I warm up, while Joyce gives me verbal and hands-on adjustments–“I’m really into them lately, and you can tell me if they work for you or not,” she says.

I had wanted to show her something new I am practicing–jumping back into chatarranga–but the conversations turns to, of course, our idea of what yoga is–“It’s all about body awareness,” she says. “Yes, absolutely,” I second, and tell her about some of the self-adjustments that I have been doing in my practice–lifting up my hips in chair pose, and ribs in warrior two.

When Joyce plays her new yoga playlist for me, form breaks down altogether, as the music really lends itself to modern dance moves and extensions. “Oh god. We are really those kind of hippie-dippie yoga people, aren’t we?” she says.

Well, yes, but the following song by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs also really does lend itself to heart-opening, and back-bending poses like locus, don’t you think?

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