A Quick Soup Usually Reserved For Camping

This is my dad cooking, when he is camping.

The closest thing I have as reference for cooking on the fly with shortcuts is my dad cooking at a camp site, or in hotel rooms for road trips. Otherwise, at home when my siblings and I came home from school, our grandmother cooked us a full meal with rice. If there was a spot of sauce on the plate, she wiped it clean. For dinner, my dad cooked three or four courses of vegetables, seafood, and meat. There was always a soup.

Even when we go camping, there must be soup. But some things have to give. My dad takes cans of soup, then adds to them. For example, to a can of chicken noodle soup, he will add ginger, and a vegetable. Once we got lucky on a camping trip, and spotted a man who had just finished fishing, and was filleting his fish; he was about to throw out the heads of the fish when my dad asked if he could take them. We had a delicious fish soup that night under the stars.

While my dad only cooks at this level when camping, I do this kind of soup when I’m sick, or when I feel lazy but still want something cooked and filling. Today, I was definitely feeling the latter for lunch, so I bought myself a can of minestrone soup, and added fennel seed, ginger root, crushed red pepper, black pepper, and lentils.

What do you cook on the fly when you are feeling lazy?

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One Response to A Quick Soup Usually Reserved For Camping

  1. Ricky Lai says:

    Hi Christian, we had home made dry bok choy soup this evening. I added red date,carrot, turkey bones,and ginger to the soup. It took about couple of hours to get the soup ready. simple and good too! I like the fish heads picture. Love Dad


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