Lunch Time in Times Square

An Ice House Being Dismantled in Times Square

I intern at a company whose office are in Times Square. At first, I didn’t really like it. Want to take a break outside? Get ready to go down 11 floors, and deal with wall-to-wall moving advertisements and floods of tourists. Want a moment of quiet? Deal with people constantly coming up to you and asking you, “you like comedy?” or “you like drinks?” Recently, however, I’ve started to come around to it.

Even in Times Square, it is possible to find calm, which I experienced when I did yoga there for Summer Solstice. And as I continue to head out to the square during lunch, the fixtures of the square become kind of comforting: “there’s the naked cowboy playing the guitar, as usual,” or “hmm, today there’s a naked Indian, I wonder if there’s space enough for the two of them.” Once I even ventured into the M & M shop to see what all the fuss was about.

Even better, sometimes upon leaving the office, I come upon things that are genuinely delightful–like the ice sculpture house that I saw get dismantled. For a moment, I stop, snap a picture, and join locals and tourists alike in just looking on. When the moment’s up, I head back inside.

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