Brooklyn Beautiful

I rode down to my grandmother’s in Bay Ridge the other day. Here’s a visual representation of the trip–along with its mishaps.

Getting out of Williamsburg was rough. I have a terrible sense of direction.

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4 Responses to Brooklyn Beautiful

  1. Jessica says:

    Are those footprints after the road block?

  2. Ricky Lai says:

    What a trip!It must make you feel good! The furthest bicycle trip I took was from Chinatown to Midwwod (633 Westminister Rd). I crossed the Bklyn Bridge and took the 4th Ave. there wasno need for helmit at that time. It was Summer and hot. I worried about the traffic through out the whole trip.


    • claisly says:

      Dad, that’s still pretty far! I’m lucky that it’s not so hot these days. Still, I took a few breaks to get a snack in Crown Heights and a drink of water at Prospect Park. I would be terrified to ride a bike without a helmet.

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