First Hour Of The Day: Listening For Pleasant Sounds

Years ago, everyone wanted pleasant sounds and, except for a few orders during wars and earthquakes, things were very bad. But then the big cities were built and there was a great need for honking horns, screeching trains, clanging bells, deafening shouts, piercing shrieks, gurgling drains, and all the rest of those wonderfully unpleasant sounds we use so much of today.

Kakofonous A. Dischord, Doctor of Dissonance explaining his job to Milo in The Phantom Tollbooth


In this apartment, there is a very small window of the morning during which the sky is pink, the birds are chirping, the ventilator for the kebab shop is still off, and, most importantly, the construction has not yet begun on the street.

As I write at 7:35, I hear the engines for the trucks start up. In about five minutes, the drilling will start, and the claw will slam into the street, pealing off the pavement like a layer of fruit roll-up. The building will shake.

I sip my tea, and enjoy the last few minutes of pleasant sounds.

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2 Responses to First Hour Of The Day: Listening For Pleasant Sounds

  1. Ricky Lai says:

    These days I walk to the park in the morning around 7 am. The streets are quite and birds are making sounds along my way. I greet people that walk along in the park. Then I get to play tennis with a group in the tennis courts. I enjoy the tennis and the people that I play with.This morning routine is refreshing before I begin my work in the church and meet people.


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