New Moon Kirtan Tomorrow!

In this house, we love our kirtan, call-and response chanting in Sanskrit. (See latest chalkboard art, here, and here for reference.) Sitting on the floor after dinner with a glass of wine is very likely to result in Joyce leading Kate and I in rounds of “Shiva Shiva Shambo” or “Sita Ram.”

Chanting, especially with a energetic group of people, feels so good–whether or not you are interested in yoga, or Sanskrit. “It feels like summer camp. When else do you get to chant?” says Kate.

Coming out of bi-monthly kirtan sessions, I find myself running circles around Joyce and Kate, skipping, and jumping ecstatically  “It’s okay,” Joyce says, “people will just assume she’s drunk.”

Tomorrow is new moon kirtan at the Integral Yoga Institute in New York, and I can’t wait.  I probably shouldn’t have had a caffeinated cup of tea this morning; my leg is shaking. In the meantime, I’m listening to a very upbeat rendition of the Maharityunjaya Mantra. Enjoy! It’s perfect for a chilly, cloudy day in New York. I love the instrumentation. What do you think?



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