It’s That Time of Year Again: Freshly Baked Moon Cakes in Chinatown

Moon cake with lotus seed paste and egg yolk

Today, I bought a box of freshly baked mooncakes from Chinatown’s Kong Wah Bakery (210 Grand Street, New York, NY 10013).  I chose just one lotus-seed paste cake, at first.  But, I found myself buying a box of four–two lotus seed paste, and two lotus seed paste with egg yolk.

I had wandered into the bakery looking to buy a raisin bun, or a egg tart–something pedestrian–but then saw a whole array of freshly baked cakes in front of me.  There are freshly backed ones coming out of the back from which you can choose.  I grew up eating lotus seed paste filling, and like those best, but they also sell moon cakes with red bean, nuts, and other fillings.

For $14 a box, it’s a great deal cheaper than if you were to buy an imported box from the market–which start at $20.  To my American-born Chinese palette, and young 20-something budget, these moon cakes are very good.  The filling is creamy, and flavorful, and the outside holds up.

Do you have a favorite flavor of moon cake?  Have you bought moon cakes for yourself, friends, and family yet?

Tip- If you’ve never had one, moon cakes are super rich pastries eaten around the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.  One serving size is about 1/8 of a cake.  As a kid, that and a cup of tea would be breakfast.  Also, if you buy a box, give away some to your friends and family!

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