Audio Stories!

One of my long term goals as a budding journalist is to do radio stories.  For a while now, I’ve been playing around with the idea of doing a series on Chinese food with my best friend Jessica.  I have a spreadsheet with episode ideas like, “Desserts” and “Congee.”  Last week, Jessica was in town and we met up for some lunch and groceries.  I brought my voice recorder along with me and taped some ambient sound, and dialogue between the two of us.

I’ve decided that the first episode will be “All roads lead to Chinatown.”  I hope to have it out for all of you in a couple of weeks.  The sound will be quite rudimentary, but hopefully you will find the storytelling compelling enough to listen!

Thanks for reading, as always,


P.S. Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts or questions.  I can be quite cryptic, at times, I know.

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3 Responses to Audio Stories!

  1. matchaflan says:

    my question would be where is the episode? 😛

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