Sipping Summer: Honeyed Ginger Lemonade

In New York City, we’re just about going through our second heat wave of the summer.  Humid, and over 90 degrees.  Outside.  Now stuff that into a top floor apartment in Brooklyn, and you start to get a feel of my situation.  My grandmother, and aunt were horrified when they learned that the apartment does not have air conditioning.  “I drink lots of water,” I said.  “But that’s not the point,” my aunt retorted.

Eh.  Maybe not , but it certainly helps.  Here’s something else that helps: Honeyed Ginger Lemonade.  

I’d been keeping a pitcher of iced tea in the fridge, and a container of simple syrup made out of honey to go with it.  After lunching at Super Core yesterday, I decided to replicate their Honeyed Ginger Lemonade at home.  I dumped a whole bunch of ginger and lemon into my already made simple syrup.  I added a bit more honey to the container to make it a bit more concentrated, so that when the ice melted, the lemonade would be the right amount of sweet.  Finally, I added a whole bunch of ice to my glass, and there you have it: Honeyed Ginger Lemonade.

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