Lychee Debate!!

One of my favorite fruits: Lychee!

“You’re buying lychee??!” Jessica asked me incredulously in Hong Kong Supermarket.  The longest standing disagreement I have with my best friend is over lychee.  I still remember clearly the day she told me on the subway in NINTH grade that she finds lychee too sweet.  Which I in turn found ridiculous.  How can fruit be too sweet?  It’s naturally sweet.  It’s not like drinking a soda, or eating a corn-starched based frosting.

Though as I’m chomping on some lychee right now, I admit it is KIND of sweet.

What do you think?  Are you a fan of lychee or dragon’s eye?

Update: So Nhi says that she has quite a bit of bad luck with buying unripe (sour) lychee in Boston.  What are your experiences of buying lychee in your city?

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11 Responses to Lychee Debate!!

  1. matchaflan says:

    lychee can be really sour too o_O what kind of lychee Jessica has been eating?? Most lychee in America I found were underripe, and therefore sour as hell. Of course if you buy lychee too early in the season in Vietnam, you get sour lychee too. Is she talking about the canned variation? Well, lady, it’s soaked in SUGAR water 😛

    • David LC says:

      Christine, I’ve never had a sour lychee a day in my life and I always look forward to mid May when I begin to see them in the Chinatown markets around Chicago. I usually buy several pounds and proceed to introduce everyone I know, who may not have heard of lychees to this wonderfully delicious Asian fruit. NEVER TOO SWEET lol

      • claisly says:

        I agree with David. I love lychee, and I’ve never had a sour lychee. But I guess as you taught me, Nhi, there are so many species of tropical fruit out there. I want to try this sour lychee!

      • matchaflan says:

        (see my reply to Jessica. Again, I think because Chicago & New York are such big cities that the supply is good, and you guys or your family are very good at picking out the ripe ones. Fruits are fruits and they are sour if unripe.)

    • Jessica says:

      I normally eat fresh lychee. I haven’t had a sour lychee, but I don’t eat enough to actually come across a sour one.

      • matchaflan says:

        ok I guess that makes sense. I find a lot of lychee here picked too early and therefore unripe. You are either very good at choosing it, or all the lychee in New York have been presorted to ensure good quality. In Vietnam, early in the season, we have to deal with sour lychee because of the demand (ppl want to eat so sellers pick early etc.)

  2. Joyce says:

    You’re not supposed to eat lychee! It’s too heating.

  3. matchaflan says:

    aaa its not a species Christine. If it’s green/yellow and not red, it’s unripe, and sour. Maybe you guys have always been lucky because you live in New York, but here in Boston I have had unripe lychee and it’s sour -_-

    • claisly says:

      Hmmm. I guess I have been going through life naively, and very lucky–at least when it comes to lychees. 😀 I’m glad I have not incurred your wrath forever, old friend. I was a bit worried when I read your post this morning!

  4. matchaflan says:

    “Select fruit with a bright coloring, light red to deep red, with no blemishes. The skin is naturally tough and leathery, but it should be pliable and not overly dull, dry or dark. If the fruit tastes bitter or sour, it is not ripe. Unfortunately, lychees cease ripening once picked. Avoid lychees that are cracked, leaking, or smell fermented. ”

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