The perfect way to start summer…..

Two blocks with hundreds of yogis in Times Square From the official site.

Dearest blog readers,

I hope you are all having a lovely first day of summer.  Here’s how my day kicked off:

6:00 AM: I wake, roll out of bed, and head out, knowing I get to go do YOGA.

7:30 AM: Yoga in Times Square for SOLSTICE. There are hundreds of people, crowds cheering outside of Good Morning America, and buses honking, but it all sorts of fade away when I close my eyes.  When I open them, I see the sky with a few buildings.

9:00 AM: Big breakfast at diner with 3 of Joyce’s delightful yoga-teacher friends.  They’ve just finished getting their certification, and are off to their retreat at Kripalu tomorrow.  This marks 5 of Joyce’s yoga mates I’ve met, and each of them has been so lovely in their own way.  (And yes, I’m totally going to get my teaching certification within the next 5 years.  Please a drop a line in the comment section to tell me about your experience!)

10:00-1 PM: Mission -Stay cool in the city.  I chill (literally) and hydrate in the Columbus Circle Mall (Bebe satisfies all my desires to wear bright colors) and then, TJ Maxx–this is where I do my actual shopping because, OMG, they satisfy my desire for bright colors AND cheap prices!  And yes, I have reached my quota for acronyms for the day.)

1:30-3:30: Read two volumes of Fables, the comic book series, in which all of your favorite storybook characters are wonderfully dark.  Prince Charming is a cad.  Goldilocks is a bloody revolutionary leader.  It’s totally my cup of (iced) tea.  I hydrate myself, but not too much, since the water is off due to construction on the street!

3:30-4:30: Grocery shop for SOLSTICE FEAST: fresh whipped cream with berry medley, arugula salad with blue cheese and STEAK, and bottles of rose and prosecco.

4:30-5:30: Catch up on news via twitter.  How crazy/i.e. racist is it that Houston is trying to outlaw pinatas?

5:30: BLOG.  It’s been so long.

6:30: MORE YOGA!  Joyce teaches her 2nd class at Hosh.  The (Yoga) Empire Strikes.   I mean, she’s just finished up her second photo shoot, as a yoga teacher.  Kate gets to manage, Alan gets to style, Alex gets my spot as the publicist.  (I get to be moral support, and a pat on a shoulder).

That’s exhaustive enough.  Suffice it to say that everything and everybody (especially all of you who are reading this) is beautiful.  Happy Summer!  /c

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