Not dead in a ditch!

Dearest Blog Reader,

Once, after a really tough day at work as a teacher, I decided to walk home in the rain.  This was in my pre-driver’s license, pre-owning-a-car days, and I had been unable to find a ride home.  The thought of staying one more minute at school was unbearable, so I packed up everything, and began the 4 mile trek home.  As it began to rain, a big pick-up truck stopped next to me.  “Ma’am, do you need a lift.”  “Yes, sir.  Thank you very much.  I live on Island Point Drive.”  “Well, then, we are neighbors, no trouble at all.” 

Besides being drenched, and distraught, I was in a small southern town, so I had few qualms about getting into a car with a stranger.   

Listening to this story in a restaurant in New York City, my sister was horrified.  “What if you had been killed and thrown in a ditch?!” Joyce said.  “Well, they would have figured it out anyways the next day when I wasn’t at school.”  “But you would have been dead.”  “Yes, I guess.”

Anyways, I write all this to tell you that I am not dead in a ditch!  I am alive and well.  I’m still in the process of figuring out when I can blog here.  In the meanwhile, you can read my posts on  Besides the one on Lorca below, I’ve written a post on this month’s film series at New York City’s Casa Mezcal, and a guide to father’s day. 

Thanks for reading.  How are you?


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One Response to Not dead in a ditch!

  1. Joyce says:

    Seriously, sometimes I wonder how you survive.

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