Vishneva as Giselle: BRILLIANT

Vishneva as Giselle in Act II, as a willi, dancing with her Albrecht. That worthless piece of (&^ lover who finds some redemption by the end.

Diana Vishneva was amazing as Giselle last night at the American Ballet Theater.  She dispalyed such a wide range of emotion–she goes from lovey, dovey peasant to hallucinating, dying young woman, to fierce, and strong wili in her death.

Brava Vishneva!

P.S. I love how much you can applaud in ballet versus opera.  Like, holy s#%! snacks, that corps de wilis really did just cross the whole floor on point on one foot, and then back again. Holy *($%!  BRAVO!  What is that position called Joyce?  You will have to teach me terminology!

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